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About Tucson

“Tucson has been continuously settled for over 12,000 years. It celebrated diversity of cultures, architecture, and peoples. Yet, it is one of the “Mega-Trend” cities of the 21st Century: the Optics Valley, premier health services center for the Southwest, the astronomy center of the world, home of a premier research institution – University of Arizona, and a tourism destination.”

– City of Tucson


Are you thinking about moving to Tucson, AZ? Great choice! But don’t take my word for it. Here is some information about Tucson to help guide you. I am happy to answer other questions you might have.


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MAP – Making Action Possible in Southern Arizona
The Making Action Possible (MAP) Dashboard is a single, trusted source of information for measuring and tracking Southern Arizona’s well-being, identifying trends, and measuring the region’s over-all direction and performance. The MAP Dashboard clearly illustrates where we stand, what direction we are heading, and how our performance compares to other metropolitan areas throughout the West.

Why live in downtown Tucson?

Tucson has recently spent more than $1.1 billion in public and private investment that has helped to revitalize downtown Tucson. Here you can accessible to it all! Wake up, bike or take the streetcar from your home to the office and grab breakfast and a cup of coffee from a local shop along the way. You are within walking distance to everything you may need – from grocery stores and shopping, to foodie hot spots and vibrant nightlife.

Check out some of these links to the amenities in Downtown Tucson:

Family amenities

Tucson has plenty of amenities for children. Here are some family friendly recommendations:

Water activities near Tucson

Tucson averages 143 days over 90 degrees a year and while there are not any bodies of water in Tucson besides community fishing lakes, there are plenty in Southern Arizona.

Considering building?

With a variety of top quality builders in town, you have plenty of options.  For a subdivision with community amenities, check out:

Prefer a semi-custom feel?  Builders such as AF Sterling will take an existing floorplan and build it on the lot of your choice.  They have financing associates to create the right loan program for you. You’ll want to work with a Realtor to assist with all the details of building.


What are poly pipes and why do housing sites suggest you avoid them?

Polybutylene pipes were used in the mid-70’s to early 90’s and are essentially a plastic pipe, sometimes with copper fittings.  A class action lawsuit resulted when the pipes either cracked at the fitting or split causing water damage inside walls.

When buying a home with poly, it is quite common to negotiate with the seller to participate in a full replacement to a newer more quality piping.  It’s a quick project for a licensed plumber and seamless to you as a buyer.  The homes that used poly are still wonderful options!

Should we look for homes with swamp cooling or air conditioning or both?

Swamp cooling or evaporative cooling, operates via  fan blowing air over water soaked pads.  They are quite energy efficient and cool well with a thermostat.  They also add humidity to the air, which some people like in our dry environment.  They are less efficient during the monsoon season.

Having both is a nice combination and popular in older homes.  In newer homes, you can expect air conditioning.

Should we look at gated communities for additional protection and safety?

Checking crime statistics should be part of your buyer plan regardless of area.  Gated communities are a nice lifestyle and afford a good feeling of safety, but with some good research, you’ll feel comfortable anywhere in town.

What is the crime like in Tucson?

As a Realtor, I cannot speak to crime, as it is somewhat subjective in terms of what is of major concern or not.  We can be the source of the source, so this link gives you resources to do the research to your own satisfaction.   I can say that I’ve personally lived in Tucson for over 30 years and absolutely love it!

Tucson Crime Mapping