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Almost there!

Time to tie up loose ends! 

Final walk thru ensures no surprises after the seller has moved (damage) or something we couldn’t see at inspection due to furniture. We also confirm repairs are completed. 

Home services and utilities 

  • Change utilities into your name for the day of closing.  Include water, electric, gas (if applicable), Rural Metro (if applicable).  I have contacts for you with Cox, Comcast and Rural Metro for savings on my Concierge page. 
  • Take a look at my Resource page too 
  • Time of Use for electric – great way to save money up to 30% a month! 
  • Water and sewer/septic line insurance – replacing lines from the house to the main can be expensive, and this insurance is quite reasonable! 

Closing Day

This really means that you are signing all your loan docs (or title paperwork only if cash).  We will have a settlement statement reviewed prior to signing, so you can bring the appropriate cash to close. Cashier’s check or wire and we will talk live about wiring due to scam issues. 

Once you’ve actually signed, the title company coordinates with your lender to send their wire for your loan, then they send the documents electronically to the County to record. 

You will NOT get keys until the home has recorded, but it will be per the close of escrow date we noted on the contract unless other agreements have been made. 

Then… You’re a Home Owner! 

Post Closing 

I am right here to help with how to use your home warranty, recommend vendors for remodeling or repairs. Just call and I’ll help make it stress free!