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Next Steps

The Process, Step-by-Step

Make an Offer.

We will walk through the comps for the home, do our evaluation and create an offer.

Under Contract.

Once both parties agree, you are ‘under contract’ and the status of the house will change to Contingent. You will deposit your earnest money with the title company and our 10 day inspection period begins.


We will schedule a general inspection (I have several home inspectors to recommend), a roof inspection and termite inspection. If you wish to do additional inspections, we will talk those through and schedule during our 10 day period.

Depending on the outcome, you will have the right to cancel or make requests of the seller. The seller then has 5 days to respond to your requests.

Appraisal and Lending.

You will also work closely with your lender to complete the loan process. We generally have the lender order the appraisal when we have finished inspections, but we will move swiftly to not hold up the process.

Property Insurance.

If you are obtaining a loan, you will be required by your lender to purchase a certain amount of insurance on the property. Do check with your insurance person during our inspection period and also consider checking with a couple others to make sure you get the best rate.