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“So you’ve sold our home, arranged for the plumber, the contractor, the sale of the dining room table, the price of the owners’ policy, the roof repair, the column repair, etc, etc, etc.  We accept!  Another pain in the b**t problem solved.  You do well solving pain in the b**t things, maybe even better than Advil”! 



Getting it done is how I operate.  What this means to you is that if the house needs repairs (prior or during listing), I’ll use my network of trusted vendors to make sure you get the best work at the right price. If it needs more than that? I’ve worked with owners to paint, carpet, tile, decorate, stage – whatever you need, I’m there.  I have a number of folks who needed that work done from afar – an estate or second home – and they counted on me to make it all happen.  You can count on me to be your real estate Concierge!