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Home Valuation

by Sue Brooks

Curious about your home’s value? Between Zillow and ‘click here for value’ ads and emails, how do you know where to turn? You don’t want to receive dozens of emails once you’ve shown curiosity, right? Just want an idea of how your home has appreciated in recent years so you can make decisions. Maybe you just want to do some updating and want to make sure it’s the right things to do? Or you are thinking about selling, but want a baseline to start.

Let’s start with Zillow –

Their Zestimates are generally not a good representation but just a gauge overall. So carefully review what they think your house is worth (their data comes from tax records), by going to the Review your Home tab. That will update your facts and the algorithm and you’ll see a new number. You will need to register to do this and Zillow will then send you updates periodically.

Next, consider the other automated valuation tools –

By clicking here, you can see three sources of valuation for your home for that baseline. Most importantly, you don’t need to register! You can update some items with these three to get a closer look.

Then there are two options I can offer you –

First is a live visit in your home. I need 20 minutes or so to see the home, its views, upgrades, etc, then I can do some homework and come back to you with a no obligation review of your home’s value as of now, based on what an appraiser would consider if you sold right now. I can also make suggestions about potential upgrades to consider over time, with proven return on investment, to give you ideas for planning.

Second is to sign up for my Housing Reports and Property Alerts. The first, the Housing Report, shows you by area of town (per our MLS system) what’s happening in that area. Generated monthly and sent via email, you’ll be able to see a variety of points that impact your home’s value. The second, a Property Alert, is a custom portal for your subdivision or radius, so you can see what your neighbor’s homes are selling for, including links to their listings. Watch time on market, compare their homes to yours and see what’s really happening ‘next door’! I can set this to come to monthly, so you’re not bombarded with emails, but the information is there for you.

Both of these are sent without any obligation or requirements. I love what I do, I’ve successfully been in the top 50 of Realtors in Tucson for years and I want to be your Real Estate Resource. When you’re ready, I’m here! Questions along the way – I’m here!