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Rebates and Incentive Programs

With a Service Line Warranties of America’s sewer line repair plan, your home and your wallet are protected for covered repairs.


Tucson Water High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate
Replacing older 3.5 gallons-per-flush or greater toilets with high-efficiency models is a cost-effective way to conserve water and save money. Rebate $75 per toilet replaced (maximum $150 for two toilets; the rebate is issued as a credit on your utility bill)


Tucson Water $200 Clothes Washer Rebate
Upgrading to a high-efficiency clothes washer can save energy and thousands of gallons of water a year. This $200 rebate can help recoup the additional cost of a high-efficiency clothes washer within the first year of purchase, depending on the model purchased.


Tucson Water Free Toilet Replacement for Limited-Income Homeowners
Leaky and old, inefficient toilets can be the biggest water wasters inside the home. That’s why Tucson Water offers limited-income families free replacement of older toilets that use 3.5 or more gallons per flush (gpf).


Tucson Water Rainwater Harvesting Rebate
Rainwater harvesting is the capture, diversion, and storage of rainwater for plant irrigation. Applicants may apply for both passive and active levels, not exceeding $2,000 for the combination per property.


Tucson Water Gray Water Rebate
Gray water is wastewater collected from the drains of hand-washing sinks, showers, bathtubs and clothes washing machines. This Rebate Program will reimburse you up to $1,000 when a permanent gray water irrigation system is installed in your home.

Tucson Water Free Water Efficiency Audit through the Zanjero Program
Tucson Water’s Zanjero Program (Zahn-HAIR-oh, or water manager) program helps residential customers manage their water use. Customers can request a free individualized survey of their home water use that gives them tips and information on how to lower water use and water bills.


TEP Smart Thermostat Rebate
TEP residential customers can get a $35 rebate when they purchase and install a Nest Learning Thermostat in their home.



Efficient Home Program
Improve the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your. TEP offers instant rebates for the purchase and installation of a new ENERGY STAR® certified air conditioning and heat pump unit. Rebates also are available for smart programmable thermostats, duct sealing and AC tune-ups.


TEP Pool Pump Rebates
Replacing your older, single-speed pool pump with an energy efficient variable-speed pump will reduce your energy costs while still keeping your pool sparkling clean. It’s 70 percent more energy efficient than a standard pump, potentially saving you $300 or more per year in energy costs.


Trees for You
Shade your home for cool energy savings. TEP’s Trees for You program offers TEP residential customers to opportunity to order up to three 5-gallon shade trees for a discounted price of $5 each. Trees are available on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.


Southwest Gas Rebates
Increasing the energy efficiency of your home or business can reduce the unnecessary drain on our natural resources while reducing your energy costs. Rebates can help you save money on the purchase of energy-efficient appliances and equipment.