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Rebates and Incentive Programs

Money Saving Tips

With a Service Line Warranties of America’s sewer line repair plan, your home and your wallet are protected for covered repairs.


Efficient Home Program
Links to a variety of programs with use of their contractors. Improve the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your.


TEP Residential Energy Saving Tips

TEP Home Energy Calculator 


Tucson Water Free Water Efficiency Audit through the Zanjero Program
Tucson Water’s Zanjero Program (Zahn-HAIR-oh, or water manager) program helps residential customers manage their water use. Customers can request a free individualized survey of their home water use that gives them tips and information on how to lower water use and water bills.


City of Tucson Environmental and General Services (EGSD)
EGSD provides single-family households and multi-family housing with automated garbage and recycling collection service within the City limits.
The following services are provided to residential customers: Weekly Trash Collection, Every Other Week Recycling Collection, Suspension of Service Program, Brush and Bulky Materials Collection, and Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Options.


TEP Smart Thermostat Rebate

TEP Pool Pump Rebates

TEP Efficient Home Water Heating

TEP Energy Star Lighting

TEP Trees for You