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Decide to Sell

Thinking about selling?

I’m here to help – whether you are planning on selling now or in the future. I will schedule a consultation to review our home, discuss values, the market and timing, potential changes to be ready to maximize your investment and answer every question you have.

What is the Market Like?

You’re undoubtedly seeing website after website that offers to tell you what your home is worth. They are a great start, but remember one important point, they haven’t been in your home! They can only draw an imaginary circle around your home, do some math and poof, there’s your number. But wait, you have a pool, and your neighbor doesn’t; you’ve upgraded your home and your neighbor hasn’t; there are condos or townhomes nearby. 

I also have an Automated Valuation tool that uses three resources based on your location.  Try this one too! 

These tools are  a very basic start – now call me!  Whether you are just thinking about selling, going to sell immediately and are interested in interviewing agents or you just want to discuss ideas to upgrade your home over time for the best return, I’m your Real Estate Resource. I will analyze the current sales vs. yours and show you how appraisers value your home. 

I can also set up an auto email to you our Housing Reports for your area or a customized portal for your subdivision or surrounding area to come to you monthly. No obligation and no commitment required!